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The Archè team are three graduates at the University of Florence, Italy. During the studies before and after the master degree, they noticed that the research for useful information for a career in archaeology - nowadays provided by this web platform - was very difficult, due to the lack of instruments provided for young archaeologists. There were some web platforms or web sites similar to Archè, but they provided only scarce and incomplete information.

Archeweb.org is a useful service for a concrete help for the beginning and develop of a professional career for young scholars, and its main goal is to provide quickly, through a single web platform, useful information for the users.

It is mainly directed as a support and informational instrument for undergraduates, Ph.D. candidates, Ph.D. and scholars in general in archaeology.

It provides a series of information mainly for Europe: 1) information about grants, post-doc, Ph.Ds., masters and job opportunities in archaeology; 2) information about call for papers: they are mainly useful for the participation at international meetings and for the publication of the results of scholars’ researches in scientific journals; 3) titles of Ph.D. thesis in archaeology all over Europe, defended or not yet finished.

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